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Terrene Ambassador Program

It’s all about the ride—it always has been. At Terrene, we put riding at the center of the experience. We understand what matters most—be it an afternoon on your favorite stretch of singletrack, a long day on an unending dirt road, or a worldwide tour. We took what we have learned through decades in the bicycle industry to bring you tires that are designed to ride how you do. From the very beginning of the process until the tread hits the dirt, we bring together our experience in product development and a passion for riding to create tires that are ready to ride for people that live to.

Terrene intends to create tires for underserved niche specialties that other larger brands are unwilling or late to create. With feedback from our buyers, our riders, and the extensive riding and testing of our tires and our competitors’ tires, we keep our finger on the pulse of what designs and sizes riders are looking for in order to create desirable niche tires that riders want to have on their bikes. We continually strive to make tires that riders actually need, whether it be size, tread pattern, durability, or studded traction.

Terrene is looking for qualified riders to align with our brand. As a Terrene ambassador, we will put you onto our tires so that you can head out into the field and do what you do best. The ideal ambassador is someone that is passionate about cycling, an experienced rider, influential within the industry, and knowledgeable about cycling products. That said, we are looking to bring awareness to all types of riders and will be considering proposals of all types. We encourage all varieties of riders to apply, but some examples of ideal ambassadors are:

Expedition/touring/bikepacking athlete: You have an inspiring trip planned and need some tires for your trusty rig to last through the miles.

Industry influencer: You are someone that people look to for riding content, product advice, or inspiration and you have built up a trusted following.

Local Ripper: Everyone knows you ride—you ride well, ride a lot and put your gear through the test regularly.

Power Couple: Your significant other and yourself are passionate riders and together, you get out often—putting many miles in on the saddle.

Competitor: Whether it’s enduro, cross-country, or the Tour Divide—you compete with other riders and need dependable gear to get to the finish line.

Terrene ambassadors are encouraged to share their riding experience in person, on social media, and on the Terrene Tires website. In addition to educating riders face to face, we are looking for quality, user generated content to help spread the word about our new brand.

Monthly social media content related to Terrene

Quarterly story/photo content for Terrene Tires website

Regularly share and engage with Terrene campaigns and content on social media

Availability to help generate in house video/photo content

Spread the word about our products in person throughout your community of friends and riders wherever you go with your bike

Terrene Support

We are interested in supporting your riding endeavors and helping to keep you rolling whatever your mission may be. Aside from getting hooked up with free tires, we are interested in discussing other ways that Terrene might be able to help make your dreams come true.

Two pair of tires per year per supported cycling discipline

Assistance with cycling related projects dependent on proposal

Take part in Terrene events and happenings

To apply, we ask that you put together a few pieces of information to give us a better idea of your candidacy, your cycling background, and your plans for being a Terrene ambassador. Please fill out and submit the following form and we will contact you regarding your candidacy for the Ambassador Program.